Website/Server Transfer

Transfer with Indiaservers

An Inter-server transfer is a transfer between two physical servers. A few examples of this are moving from an old hosting account to a new account at HostGator; moving from a Shared to a Reseller account; moving from a Reseller to VPS account; moving from a Shared, Reseller or VPS to a Dedicated Server.

An intra-server transfer is a transfer between accounts on the same server. This includes upgrades such as a Baby to Business, Aluminum Reseller to Copper Reseller and Snappy 1000 VPS to Snappy 2000 VPS. These are "in-place" upgrades in which no files are moved and the limits of your account are simply raised.

Manual transfers include most things that are not cPanel to cPanel transfers. Additionally, this includes work such as splitting addon domains into cPanel accounts. A few examples are: transferring from a host without cPanel, moving from a Baby package to a Reseller and moving addon domains into new cPanel sub-accounts, moving addon domain to addon domain, moving cPanel account to addon domain, moving addon domain to cPanel account and anything that cannot be packaged and then restored with no additional work.

A lateral transfer is when content is moved from one package to a different package of the same type, on a different server, using the same domain name for both. This type of move is not supported by our Migrations department and will need to be done manually by the account owner.

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